Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Brief History of Time, Part 2

I finally joined a player corp in August of 2009, almost 2 years after having started EVE. I'd been podded a few times but never had a player kill in all that time, like a true carebear. I wanted to break that mold, to prove I was more than a missioning, mining drone in a game of people who interact with each other daily. Funny enough, I had the skills (technical, EVE skills) to fly great PvP ships like the Taranis or Thorax, but I had no idea what to do. So I joined a corp, and within a couple weeks that corp joined a 0.0 alliance, and I found myself facing a simple decision: live alone, in emipre, while the corp made millions (individually and as a corp) in 0.0, or find a way to get to 0.0. Never one to do it the easy way, I moved my medical clone to our 0.0 station base, and hopped in a scanning Helios (yes, I could fit a covops cloaking device too) to fly down directly.

I figured I'd probably lose the ship, if not the ship and the pod, but it would be a great learning experience, so what the heck.

With a senior corp member on Teamspeak with me for moral support and advice, I navigated my way 24 jumps through losec and 0.0 to our new home, moved my medical clone to the medical station in system, and started ratting in the only battlecruiser I owned, to earn the ISK to survive and grow as a new denizen of 0.0. That was all in August of 2009. Since then, I've probably spent 2 weeks in empire total - most of that trying to sell off the Meta3/Meta4 loot I've found, and to fit up replacement ships as I've lost them in 0.0. I learned quickly how to chain belts (and yes, it does still work) to get the most ISK/hour, at one point I was easily pulling down 10million ISK + per hour ratting, not including the loot or salvage - just in bounties.

Since joining a corp, my EVE time has actually skyrocketed. I used to play 2-3 nights a week for an hour or so (whatever a mission took to run). Since Dominion, I'm logging 2-3 hours 5+ nights a week, running two characters simultaneously.

So that's the history, in short summaries. I'll be migrating some posts I've made on our corp forums to this blog, to flesh it out. See you out there!

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