Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quick Skill Update

Minmatar Cruiser V completed today. That's two classes of Tech 2 ships (fully T2 fitted).

I suppose the skill roundup is due...

Combat Main:
As mentioned above, Minmatar Cruiser V completed today, after having worked through the appropriate gunnery skills for Medium T2 Projectiles (Arties and Autocannons). This toon is on the road to flesh out all "BC and below" combat ships (not including T3) for all races. I dread the road to Amarr - I have none of the skills for energy weapons really trained at all. Hence Caldari roundup is next, getting those T2 missiles and all missile support skills trained to at least IV before the Caaldari Cruiser V grind. Once that's done I'm taking a lightweight break and training (and learning to fly) EWar Frigates for all races. Although paper thin and usually early in the targeting list, an inexpensive ewar frigate seems like an interesting way to disrupt the flow of battle.

Anyway, once that's done, I get to the Amarr grindstone - and since I have no energy weapon/laser skills trained at all yet it will be a long one. However, when completing Amarr Cruiser V I get to move to the next round - Command Ships, beginning with the appropriate leadership skills and ending with BattleCruiser V and then Command Ships to IV.

Industry Alt:
Finally getting the actual production skills up to V, to save that last 2% of minerals and materials in my T2 production. Frigate V done, Cruiser V is up after Production Efficiency V completes. Someday this toon will fly a ship larger than a Cruiser (well, maybe) that isn't a hauler. Right now the goal is multi-racial ship invention and construction through the command ships, and the skills to build all the components.

Super Secret Alt:
Can you say the long haul? This toon is working a focused plan on Carrier/Dreadnaught (which makes a short hop to SuperCarrier), after recently getting into Recons and HACs. I'll get back to you in about 332 days...


  1. I suggest to learn Battlecruiser V before Lasers, and maybe even before Caldari Cruiser V. As a friend put it: BC V makes awesome ships even more awesome, plus it applies across all races.

  2. Funny enough I did that. BC V finished up a few days ago. But I will admit I took time during the BC V grind to train up my second T3 cruiser to 4/4/4/4/4