Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Territorial Claim Unit anchored...

Well, Dominion is almost done, and our alliance has started taken Sov after living in NPC 0.0 for a few months. It had to happen, we have NAPed most of our neighbors, and the ones we didn't hug stations when we come around now, so we need to travel far to get any good fights. This is the beginning of our move to new hunting grounds, and I for one look forward to it.

Late to log in, I see a CTA in alliance, open up a chat and find the fleet already in position at a staging POS, and only about a dozen alliance members in our NPC 0.0 hub. After having lost a Megathron in a stupid race to a POS bash a couple weeks ago, I started rallying folks who were late to the party to fly up in Interceptors and Assault Frigates. Only 3 of us to fly, we made it in time to unload our ammo into both the Infrastructure Hub and the Territorial Claim Unit.

At it's peak, the fleet of about 50 was capital heavy, with only 15 support (BS and smaller), caps, moms and dreads on the field. We now hold Sov in two systems. Watch this space for more as it comes. We aren't very strong in US TZ, so the fleet was impressive for the amount of high-end DPS we can field in this TZ when necessary.

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