Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's in your hangar

Well, as I'm trying to get back in the swing of the blogging, I thought I'd join in on this one. I'll use my combat hangar in 0.0, although technically it's 2 hangars in two stations...

  • 1 Nasty Neut Domi

  • 2 Megathrons - one is a sniper, one short range melter

  • 2 Myrmidons - one for ratting, one for roaming

  • 1 Brutix - Blaster Brute, nothing unusual here

  • 1 Arazu - this guy is my covert cyno pointer. The second most expensive ship I fly

  • 2 Phobos - set up with a heavy tank, EFT claims over 100k EHP - these are the most expensive ships I own at the moment

  • 3 Eris' - yep, more interdiction fun. My favorite is the one with the prototype cloak...

  • 4 Nemesis' - two are standard painter/damps, two are...tackle bombers

  • 1 Viator - because sometimes you just gotta GTFO

  • 2 Taranis' - my favorite. That's why I only have two left at the moment down here, and 3 in transit...

  • 1 Ares - not sure how I feel about this guy yet.

  • 1 Thorax - because you sometimes need a T1 fit, T1 cruiser

  • 2 Enyos - these are my alternates for the Taranis

  • 2 Helios' - duplicates, cloaky scout/small transit ship

  • 1 Ishkur - this is still a naked hull, not sure how I want her set up

  • 2 Rifters - gee, what a surprise...

  • 1 Fed Navy Comet - because everyone needs a faction ship in their hangar

Just for the fun of it I did a quick ship inventory in all of New Eden - Ignoring Noobships and Shuttles, I have 65 ships around, at least 50 of them are cruiser or larger, at least 15 are T2 hulls, and about 55 are fit and ready to go. That helps me sleep at night, knowing I am mostly prepared.

And very off Meme, yes I fly Gallente, but not super drone man - I have a rough 8.5 million SP in gunnery, and it's almost all in Hybrid Turrets and support skills. You do the math...

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