Friday, May 7, 2010

Skills Update: Main and Primary alt

I often enjoy reading about other's skill plans, and where they are in any particular skill plan. Here's a quick summary of the two primary characters I'm flying right now. My main, SW, has just over 34 million skill points. As I spent a long time bouncing around and not focusing my skill plan, they are all over, although 51 of them are at Level V:
Corp Management: 137,180
Drones: 1,092,884
Electronics: 4,426,666
Engineering: 2,306,695
Gunnery: 9.052,096
Industry: 756,427
Leadership: 320,000
Learning: 4,111,530
Mechanic: 1,546,801
Missile Launcher Operation: 602,124
Navigation: 1,568,310
Science: 2,337,496
Social: 103,155
Spaceship Command: 5,648,520
Trade: 30,144
My super achievement is in gunnery - I have all the gunnery support skills to V except Trajectory Analysis, and Specialization in all Hybrid and Projectile Turrets up to at least 4 in small and medium weapons. The goal here is to fly all Caldari, Gallente and Minmitar T2 Frigates and Cruisers effectively. That skill plan is actually less than 6 months, including all T2 cruisers and frigate skills to L4 (except logistics).

My alt (just over 6 months old) is in a very different direction, with 7,777,309 total SP, and only 15 skills at Level V:
Corp Management: 0
Drones: 439,518
Electronics: 157,539
Engineering: 322,829
Gunnery: 22,158
Industry: 1,908,506
Leadership: 0
Learning: 1,359,241
Mechanic: 701,270
Missile Launcher Operation: 0
Navigation: 53,255
Science: 2,012,722
Social: 242,275
Spaceship Command: 549,246
Trade: 8,750

He's got multiple research agents and near-perfect refines on all non-null minerals. He is working towards maximized T2 invention in all 4 races for Frigates and Cruisers. Once that's done, T3 invention skills are in the queue.

I have a second alt, but she is very new, and shares skill time with one of the others, so she hasn't even passed the double-time training bonus yet. She's just getting learning skills in order before beginning her career. I'm considering working towards a focused Carrier/MOM pilot, but that would really require a third paid account to make it an effective plan. She will probably stay a neutral alt/cyno alt for some time...

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