Friday, June 4, 2010

Monthly Skills Review (2010.06)

So it is with great joy that I have determined what skill path to wander down again. Although game time is limited, and going to be even more limited soon with the impending arrival of the next offspring, I am organizing my 3 main characters each with a focus.
Alt #1: Industrial Tycoon (ISK Generator)
With multiple research agents collecting high-value datacores, and the skill tree for PI well established (all PI skills at III or IV right now, and growing), this toon is fast becoming the industrial backbone for me. He will continue to build PI and Science skills (and Mechanic for construction).
Alt #2: Mindless Entertainment (PvE)
This alt gets her own account now. As she's been barely trained, she will focus on core skills to V before going any particular route. After the obvious cyno alt training, she will probably become my mission runner for mindless entertainment. This means she'll be a Caldari pilot fairly quickly, since the Drake and Raven are the PvE victors.
Main: Combat Pilot (PvP)
This was my first EVE character, and he has been all over the map in skills. The last year has seen a pretty good focus on combat skills, with almost every Gallente-oriented ship/support skill for BC and below at IV or V. He's going to focus on cross-training for all races up to Battlecruisers, beginning with Minmitar, since those ships have strong PvP fits. Although Amarr would be a logical third, the alliance is big on shield-oriented ships (passive recharge FTW), so Caldari will follow Minmitar. Starts training Minmitar Cruisers this weekend (already finished Minmitar Frigate V). The nice thing about racial frigates to V is the opening of the full gamut of frigate class ships that I can try out right away, as I am an Assault Frigate/Interceptor/Interdictor pilot primarily.

On a side note, gotta hate the $20 USD to move a character between accounts. I understand the "logic" for CCP to be able to track it, and the $20 keeps it from being abused, but perhaps the first move should be free?

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