Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wayback Machine: 25 August 2009 (The New Beginning)

This is the second in my series of "wayback" posts - posts recovered from archives of previous iterations of my blog.

First, the definition from Wikipedia:

I can be found in New Eden. I wander the empires, in the shadows of the universe that man calls wormholes, and the lawless places outside the empires. I am not a vicious killer, nor am I a fuzzy bear. I am Gallente, and in that I believe in everyone's ability to grow, learn, and be more than they are. I am honest, or at least I think I am, but I have a long memory, and all those who have wronged me will eventually see justice in the cold dark of space. Like you, I am immortal, but not infallible. I know that my immortality is a construct of technology, my body dies but my mind can be preserved. I do not consult the priests on the perseverence of my soul - I suppose that one day I will face account for my actions, and on that day I do not wish to be found wanting. I suppose that means I try to be a good person, even though I am a capsuleer. I am not a fool - I will not jump to the aid of those who cannot be saved, but I will not turn on them either.

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